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Southern California Boudoir Experts
Ventura County (805)229-7678
  • Southern CA Girl Books Brides Boudoir Photo Session...

    Brea CA client drives to Ventura County boudoir studio for the best boudoir photography gift for her groom.

    One lingerie outfit, eight stunning boudoir poses and photos.

    Read More
  • Bring your man's car to your next boudoir photo shoot!

    Imagine his surprise when you give him photo's of you in sexy lingerie laying on his car!

    Women bring everything from luxury Mercedes to a Jeep Wrangler Only $249

  • Boudoir Photo Shoot San Diego CA

    Annual Hotel Shoots are held four times a year throughout the state and country. Read more on our main website Artistic Images.

    Starting at Only $599

  • Glamour Headshot Photos

    Sexy glamour and boudoir headshot photos

    At our Santa Paula boudoir studio we offer all types of glamour and boudoir poses and ideas for you.

  • Classy Sensual Boudoir Photo Poses

    Orange County client comes in for a makeover and sexy photo shoot.

    We supplied everything from the fur to the throw so you don't need to bring a thing.

  • High End Boudoir Photos With Fox Furs

    For almost twenty years we have been offering the best and classiest boudoir photography in the country.

    Our clients are number one and we spare no expense when it comes to our classy boudoir studio in Southern CA

  • classy black and white boudoir photo of girl on bed with sheets at Ventura County boudoir studio

    Raven Beauty Poses With Our White Sheets

    Classy boudoir photography with just a sheet, by expert female boudoir photographer in Ventura County CA

    Boudoir Photography Experts Since 1997

  • Hot Red Satin Sheets-Boudoir Photo Shoot

    Put the fire back into your relationship. Boudoir photography helps women become self-confident and secure

    Starts at $199

  • Boudoir Photo Shoot in Huntington Beach CA

    Another great boudoir shoot during our annual "Ocean View Boudoir Photo Shoots" for holidays and brides.

    Offered Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. Call for future dates and locations

  • Classy Boudoir Photographer

    Best Boudoir Photography Professionals

    Perfect Gift idea for your groom on your wedding day...

    Boudoir Brides also love our books, have a look. $299 Package

  • Private Indoor-Outdoor Boudoir Ranch

    Artistic Images Photography opened the first Boudoir Studio In The Country.

    And Their First Private Indoor-Outdoor Boudoir Ranch. Classy And Artistic Boudoir Since 1997!

  • sexy boudoir southern california

    Sexy Boudoir For All Women, Ventura County

    Our boudoir is Classy and Tastefully done.

    Boudoir is for women of all ages.We have women from 18-72 years old booking our sessions and loving it! Includes Makeup And Hair-Only $599

  • Brides Boudoir Photo Shoot

    What better way to show your new husband what he has to look forward to when marrying you.

    Brides Boudoir Photo Shoot.

  • Boudoir Photography For Any Day

    International Award Winning Photography By Artistic Images

    Boudoir Photos For Her-The Best Way To Her Heart!

  • Private Outdoor Boudoir Studio

    We are the only private indoor-outdoor boudoir studio in California and that enables us to create breathtaking modern and nature boudoir photos

    Call Ventura County location at 805-229-7678

  • Boudoir For Military Man

    Want to help make your military boyfriend or husbands time go by a little easier? Why not give him a sexy boudoir photo or calendar of you!

    Put something unique and sexy in his care package this year!

  • Professional Female Boudoir Photographers

    Specializing in modern, classy high end boudoir since 1997

    Los Angeles and surrounding areas

  • boudoir pictures

    Boudoir | A Gift Of Love

    Professional Boudoir Photographer, Los Angeles, Ventura County, Orange County and San Diego.

    Modern, Classy, Sophisticated Boudoir Studio

  • Classy Boudoir For African American Women

    Boudoir is a "Lifestyle Experience" and every women deserves some sexy style in their life, don't you agree?

    Ask about our celebrity makeup artist and hair stylist who specialize in makeup and hair for women of all color. Makeovers $150

  • Boudoir For Your 20th Anniversary...

    Yes, believe it or not husbands would love nothing more than to receive a beautiful, sexy photo of you. Even after 20 years of marriage!

    Best anniversary gift for your husband.

  • boudoir photos in black and white ventura county photographers

    Sexy black and white boudoir photography

    Bride to be poses in Ventura County boudoir studio for sexy wedding photos

    Best female boudoir photographers in Southern Ca Since 1997.

  • Sensuous Boudoir Photo Shoot for Valentines Day or any occasion

    Have you always wanted to look sensuous and have a photo shoot like these women did. What are you waiting for? We direct and coach you to give that hot, sensuous look!

    Best, sexiest gift you could give a man!

  • Pin-up Style Photo Shoots

    Haven't had a chance to visit our website yet, please go to to view galleries while we are re-designing our blog here.

    We promise you'll love it!

  • African American Beauty-Santa Paula

    Shooting boudoir photography for more than fifteen years has given us the experience and knowledge necessary to enhance all women's beauty.

    Dark skin women need a warm golden tone to highlight their beauty. We are lighting experts. Book your appointment with our professional boudoir photographer today. $199

  • Valentines Day Boudoir Photos

    A client poses on pristine red satin sheets for a Valentines Day boudoir photo shoot.

    Valentines Day is coming up quickly, be sure and book your boudoir session early enough to get your photos back in time.

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  • Vote Us Into 2014 The Super Bowl! Vote Best Boudoir Photographers
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