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Brides Sexy Boudoir Photography

Brides Sexy Boudoir Photography Or As Some Call It Sexy Wedding Photography!

brides sexy portraits

Todays modern bride is classy, confident and fearless. As a boudoir studio that’s been around since the 90’s we’ve seen our share of brides. We’ve been shooting brides sexy boudoir photography since 1997. Todays brides though are much more modern, classy and fearless.

They want the best of everything and know they deserve it! They’ll stop short of nothing to get it.

From booking the reception location to the florists to the caterers, they spare no expense. This is also true when it comes to giving the groom a gift he will not soon forget. Bridal boudoir or lingerie photo’s have been big with us for over 16 years but in the past few years it’s become the number one gift on the brides list. You may want a lifestyle boudoir shoot or a classic one but which ever you choose you are sure to start your marriage off right with a gift like that .We gave this bride who came all the way from San Luis Obispo for our brides sexy boudoir photography a clean, fresh modern look along with an artistic lifestyle feel. Her makeup and hair was styled by our makeup artist Brittany or Elite Makeup Designs to match the style of photography we were going for.

Modern Bridal Boudoir Portrait    Brides sexy boudoir photography     elegant brides boudoir photography

Looking to book your own brides sexy boudoir photography session? Well whether you call it a “brides sexy photography session” or “sexy wedding pictures,” if your visiting or a resident in the Santa Barbara, Los Angles or Orange County area feel free to contact Artistic Images Photography. You can ask all the questions you’d like and book your session with them too. Photos courtesy of Denise Elizabeth Adamo of Artistic Images-Specialing in Boudoir Photography Since 1997

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